Rewind Review: Jay McFarlane - Behind The Mexican Style

Heavyweight fight Jay McFarlane won the crowd over at Ultimate Boxxer, has gone onto link up with Dave Allen and has revealed he wants to avenge defeats to fellow heavyweights Josh Sandland and Mark Bennett.

As fun a character as Jay can be, he’s earned the nickname ‘Ghost’ within the squared circle, allowing for the fact he’s elusive and powerful. Here he revisits his night at Ultimate Boxxer.

Glaswegian McFarlane, who was popular, charismatic and unpredictable both in and out of the ring, says he messaged his fellow Ultimate Boxxer competitors before fight day to wish them luck, and while some reciprocated, others were wary sensing an element of mind games.

The games continued into Draw Day, as Jay showed up with a small pink teddy bear he credits as his good luck toy.

The revelation to come from Jay’s watch back, was that Jack Fincham still has his lucky bear!

“I don’t know what Jack’s done with the bear, hopefully not thrown it away!” said Jay.

Jack Fincham has since been approached for comment.

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