Dapper Laughs – BOXXER PODCAST Mouthpiece #6

"Tyson Fury messaged me saying that was brilliant!" MOUTHPIECE #6 Dapper Laughs

Mouthpiece brings guests from the world of sport, music, film, and business to open up and take a deep dive into their stories. Guests unveil their highs and lows, moments of adversity and the mentality it takes to reach the top. This podcast pulls no punches, it’s raw, honest and is more than just a boxing podcast. Wit’s unscripted, unfiltered and could go anywhere….but wherever the journey… it will definitely be entertaining. This week BOXXER is joined by Daniel O’Reilly aka Dapper Laughs to explore the ups and downs of a rollercoster career. The social media superstar has dealt with the pro’s and con’s that come with being in the public eye whilst dealing with the troubles of a difficult personal life. From cruise ships to sold out shows, the loss of his father and the birth of his daughter, this is a man who has been through it all made it through the other side to tell his story…

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