“I'd love to reach domestic level, I know what I'm capable of" - BOXXER'S MOUTHPIECE #3 Jamie Jewitt

Mouthpiece brings guests from the world of sport, music, film, and business to open up and take a deep dive into their stories. Guests unveil their highs and lows, moments of adversity and the mentality it takes to reach the top. This podcast pulls no punches, it’s raw, honest and is more than just a boxing podcast. With Savage Dan and BOXXER CEO Benjamin Shalom at the helm it’s unscripted, unfiltered and could go anywhere….but wherever the journey… it will definitely be entertaining. Tune in every Sunday, 11am. Host Savage Dan and BOXXER supremo Ben Shalom talk candidly this week with ex love islander Jamie Jewitt on his love of boxing, his modelling career and why he stopped it after Love Island. They also delve into Jamie sparing in local gyms around the world and how he uses his emotional and nervous energy in the ring to harness positivity. They talk honestly about boxing and the benefits it can have on your life no matter who you are and how it can steer you in the right direction when you think you’re losing your way. This Mouthpiece episode really isn’t one to be missed!

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