BOXXER is the millennial professional boxing company behind the popular TV series Ultimate Boxxer.

They are founded by the youngest licensed promoter in the UK, Ben Shalom.

Ultimate Boxxer is currently broadcast by BT Sport and famously features 8 man tournaments all on one night.

Ben Shalom, founder assures fans the successful format will continue but explains BOXXER will also be promoting other shows and has signed its previous tournament winners to promotional contracts including stars Mikael Lawal and Derrick Osaze. 

The brand is backed by some of boxing’s biggest names with a focus on high profile tournament formats aimed to attract boxing audiences, from old fashioned dyed in the wool fans to millennials just starting out their love of boxing.

Added to this, BOXXER have recently made their most recent signing in Love Island winner Jack Fincham as he embarks on his journey to become Britain’s next professional boxer after a successful amateur career.