The Dirty Dozen, the Magnificent Seven, the Seven Dwarfs and now the BOXXER Four

You need a mix to make a group interesting – the evil one, the dopey one, the handsome one, the crazy one. You get the picture.The Boxxer Four all have something different, they all have their individual traits.

Mikael Lawal survived a season on the bloody and violent streets of Lagos when he was a teenager.In London he discovered boxing and it was his salvation: Now he is 12 and zero and the leading contender for the British cruiserweight title.

Florian Marku is unbeaten in six, will fight anybody at welterweight and is a fighting  idol to Albanians everywhere in the world.Marku has the love and support of a nation – Lawal is battling for respect.And it is all about respect with Jack Fincham.

He is known for his smile, his charm and his victory on Love Island – but, he was an amateur boxer long before his Cupid days.He is a pro now, trained by Ben Davison, and his mission is to win… and hopefully convert a few sceptics on the way.And then there is Derrick Osaze and his pulpit. The Punching Preacher is unbeaten in ten fights, a contender for the British title.

He is the cool member of the Boxxer Quartet, the man with the casual confidence and belief.All four fight on Nov 10 – they are rivals for titles, rivals for success but united as part of the same team.

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