Lewis Syrett

Wins: 6
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
From: Tonbridge

Most people celebrate after their first professional fight. I went to bed and then ran the London Marathon the next day. I was running in memory of a friend who had sadly passed away. I didn’t want to let him down.’

Operating out of the Sevenoaks ABC, the inspirational Lewis Syrett enters the fray on September 20 eager to impress and build on his 6-0 record. The aggressive Southpaw turned pro in April 2017, winning his first fight against Aleksander Chukaleyski before fetching up at the start line of the London Marathon just hours later to run in memory of good friend Tom Allen who had sadly died after a battle with meningitis – he completed the gruelling course in an incredible time of 3h50mins.


How long have you been boxing?

For about 13 years now, got into it when I was 17-years-old and had my first bout at 18 and have loved it ever since.


What got you into the sport?

By chance really! Initially a mate said he wanted to go and try it, but he didn’t want to go on his own – so I agreed to go with him, got hooked and never stopped.


Why Ultimate Boxxer?

This will test me, see how good I am. The concept will suit me, I’ve got a good engine, I like the challenge of having have three fights in one night if you’re going to win it. I like how explosive it is, you haven’t got much time so fighters are in there giving it everything from the off. You have to get in there and do your work quickly.


Why should we make you the favourite for the UB5 Golden Robe?

I’m definitely going to be big at the weight because I’m coming down from Middleweight, plus I’ve got a really awkward style and a good engine.


When you’re training, what’s on the music playlist?

It’s quite varied, I like a lot of old hip-hop songs, but I love my Rock music too – Kings of Leon in particular, I’ve been to see them out in New York. Foo Fighters too, so it’s a mixed bag.


Who is your favourite sports team, or individual athlete outside of boxing?

To escape from the gym, I like to go to watch Millwall, I’ve been going down the Den since I was a little boy.


Who is your favourite fighter?

That would have to be Manny Pacquiao – I even named my dog after him. He is just so exciting to watch – the fighter, not my dog.


What would be your dream fight, if we could transform your weight, height, or put you in a time machine?

I’d love to fight in New York at Madison Square Garden against one of my favourite fighters, Marvin Hagler. I wouldn’t like to fight him, but it would be a dream fight.