Charlie Schofield

Wins: 15
Losses: 1
Draws: 0
Hometown: Ashton
From: Manchester

Charlie Schofield first got into boxing at the age of nine when his dad took him to a local gym. He had his first amateur fight at just 11 years old which signalled the beginning of a startling amateur career. Having won amateur titles at 16 and 17 years old respectively, Schofield started to believe he could make a living from boxing. 

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In 2014, he was victorious in his first professional bout against fellow debutant Jason Jones. Schofield went on to win his next six fights, all on points, demonstrating his skills as a slick boxer, more so than a knockout artist. His first stoppage came in his eighth fight against Bryn Wain in Manchester and despite fighting 16 times in his professional career, this remains his only fight that hasn’t gone the distance. 

Schofield suffered his first defeat in his last fight losing to Mickey Ellison but has said that this has only spurred him on even more. ‘Losing has only made me hungrier, everything I did in that camp, I’ll do in this camp but work ten times harder’, he says. 

Outside the ring, Charlie runs his own personal training company and is a diehard Man City fan. He is getting married in September and hopes winning Ultimate Boxxer can be the start of the perfect year. 

It’s always interesting to see how boxers react following a defeat and that’s no different for Charlie. The calibre of opposition will be a step up for Schofield, but he’s got a huge size advantage heading into this tournament and at 6’ 4”, he’ll prove tricky for the other opponents. His size advantage and a fantastic amateur career makes Schofield a dark horse in this competition and he will feel confident going into April 3rd

Speaking about his preparation he says; ‘For this tournament, I’m making sure my diet’s even stricter, my strength and conditioning will be bang on, and they’ll be no stone unturned’.