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Ultimate Boxxer’s Top 4 Times Trash Talk Overstepped the Mark

Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and more recently David Haye and Tyson Fury have all been hailed kings of trash talk, but sometimes fighters can take it all a little too far.

Ultimate Boxxer has compiled four moments that stretched the sporting tradition to its very boundaries.

4. Deontay Wilder: “I want a body on my record.”

Over in the US, November 2017 saw the now 39-bout undefeated WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder promise to kill Bermane Stiverne during their title rematch.

He retaliated to Stiverne’s claim that he’s a ‘killer’ by boasting: “Somebody will die in that ring come November 4th, I promise.

“I want a body on my record anyway. I want to put a body there.

“I beat him to within an inch of his life the first time, this time I’m going to end his life.”

It only took Wilder a round to get the job done that night, although it wasn’t quite the fatality he was hoping for.

3. Ohara Davies: “My favourite paper is The Sun.”

Twitter has given boxing’s loudmouths an alternative platform to spout their trash talk, but Ohara Davies used it to overstep the mark on December 29, 2017.

The WBA international super-lightweight champion tweeted prospective opponent and The Sun critic, Tommy Coyle: “After I knock you out, my first interview will be with the Sun #BuyTheSun.”

He also tweeted to his followers: “The Sun is my favourite newspaper… I will wear their logo on my shorts and they will work with Eddie Hearn to promote my fight one day.”

Hull-born Coyle is one of many fighters in opposition to the newspaper due to its coverage of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 which killed 96 Liverpool fans.

His promoter Eddie Hearn has since removed the 25-year-old from his bill at the 02 Arena on February 3, and trainer Tony Simms has parted way with OD despite numerous apologies.

2. Floyd Mayweather: “I’ll make that mother F***** make me sushi.”

Five years prior to Floyd Mayweather’s UD victory over Manny Pacquiao in what was labelled the fight of the century, Mayweather was caught in a trash talk race storm.

After failed fight negotiations in 2010, the American posted a 10-minute Ustream video directed at Pacquiao saying: “We’re going to cook that little yellow chump.”

“Once I stomp the midget, I’ll make that mother f***** make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice.”

Mayweather publicly apologised two days later after thousands signed an online petition calling for him to be dropped by his sponsors.

1. Mike Tyson: “I want to eat his children.”

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Mike Tyson outburst, and the claim he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ non-existent children has to make it.

In an interview after Tyson’s 38-second TKO victory against Lou Savarese in 2000, he set his sights on the then WBC and IBF world heavyweight champion, saying: “I’m coming for you.”

“My style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable, and I’m just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children.”

Tyson fought Lewis two years later, with Lewis forcing a stoppage after eight one-sided rounds, keeping his future children safe from Tyson’s jaws.


So that sums up Ultimate Boxxer’s top four times trash talk overstepped the mark.

Do you agree with our list? Leave your comments below.

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Ultimate Boxxer’s Top 10 Fights to Watch in 2018

From the exhibition boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, seeing both pocket well over $50Million. To the controversially scored GGG Vs Canelo bout and, of course, the enormous Wembley sell out of Joshua Vs Klitschko. There’s no denying it has been a bumper year for Boxing, and there’s every chance 2018 could be even bigger. Ultimate Boxxer explore ten potentially mammoth encounters, in various weight classes, that could be coming to a stadium near you in the new year.

Could 2018 be even bigger?

  1. Linares Vs Crolla III

Following his win over Ricky Burns in October, Anthony Crolla is looking for every chance to take on a World title fight again. Having already been beaten by the Venezualan twice there is every chance he is looking to close out a trilogy of fights with a win, reclaiming the belt he lost to Linares in September 2016. With Luke Campbell’s valiant effort against the 32 year old coming just before Crolla’s winning comeback to the division, Crolla may just be thinking he has one last shot at taking on the man he lost his belt to. One thing is for sure, Crolla will always bring in a crowd, especially in his hometown of Manchester, and with the global appeal of Linares this fight could very well be on the cards in late 2018.

  1. Frampton Vs Santa Cruz III

Another closing of a trilogy that would be greatly received. Evenly poised after Frampton lost his WBA Super World Featherweight title to the Mexican in January 2017. With Frampton’s ‘rebirth’ taking place in his native Belfast this coming weekend, his team may very well start thinking about another title shot in 2018. Currently ranked 3rd in the Featherweight division he might just be priming himself to hear ‘And the new…’ said once more, against the very man he won the belt off in July 2016.

  1. Selby Vs Warrington

Very little can stop this fight from happening with Selby the current IBF World Featherweight Champ and Josh Warrington the mandatory challenger. Expected for April 2018 this fight has all the makings to be a great contest between two impressive British fighters. The question is whether Selby will choose a chance at unification against the WBC Champ Gary Russell Jnr, also possibly coming in Spring 2018. If that fight is the preferred option for the Welshman, there is still every chance this fight is just pushed back for later in the year.

  1. Joshua Vs Fury

The most time spent on this list was where to rank this fight. Of course, it would be an enormous fight if it were to happen. There may only be a slim chance of this fight occurring before the year is out, as Fury firstly needs to secure his boxing licence, lose several stone worth of his current 25st weight and regain his former boxing skills, that just between the fighters. The cross over deal between broadcasting rights from Eddie Hearn with Sky and Frank Warren with BT Sport’ Box Nation could make negotiations for this fight challenging. The lucrative attraction of this match, would surely drive negotiations, as there is every chance that Joshua would going into the fight with all three of four heavyweight belts in grasp. Take into account Hearn’s and Joshua’s desire to have fight outside the UK in 2018, even quoting Africa as a possible destination, this fight seems like the right opportunity to do so. It would have the perfect ingredients to create a boxing match asresembles familiar characteristic of ‘The Rumble in The Jungle’.

Factor in mandatories and Fury may well just have to wait until the following year to stamp his mark on boxings blue ribbon weight class once more.

  1. Groves Vs Eubank Jnr

This fight is definitely happening thanks to the World Boxing Super Series. This ‘battle of Britain’ is the first of two semi finals in the Super Middleweight category of the inaugural competition which also see’s Brit Callum Smith fighting in the other Semi Final. The fight is set to take place in Manchester, in February and has already sold out.Both Groves and Eubank Jnr go into the fight in great form with Knockouts ending their quarter final bouts in rounds 4 and 3 respectively.

  1. Whyte Vs Miller

With all the commotion of a potential fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder (which will be discussed) it’s easy to forget that the initial plan, certainly for Whyte’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, was for Wilder to fight Dilian Whyte. But with the American’s sights now set firmly on a huge unification showdown with AJ the question is where Whyte goes next following his win over Robert Helenius on the Joshua/Takam card. In fact, Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller openly questioned Whyte’s inability to finish off Helenius inside 12 rounds following his TKO win over Mariusz Wach last Saturday. Both seem to be at a stage of not yet being quite ready for title contention whilst at the same time good enough to certainly put on a hell of a contest. It’s possible this one could be seen as far forward as 2019, but with Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn planning some huge fights next year, and not just for Anthony Joshua, there’s every possibility this fight could make its way onto one of those cards.

  1. Saunders Vs GGG

A long shot but for Golovkin the chance to become the undisputed Middleweight champ, already holding the WBC, WBA and IBF belts. Saunders fights David Lemieux in December and it does look a very close contest awaiting the Brit in Canada, fighting the native Canadian in his own back yard. If he can keep hold of his belt though there is simply no way the aging Khazack’s team could say no to the chance of holding all four belts, it there?

  1. Canelo Vs GGG II

… Well maybe. This fight was billed as one of the biggest of 2017 and for very good reason, on paper it was a mouthwatering prospect. 12 rounds and a very debatable scorecard later, and many felt let down by the outcome of the fight. Spoken about a lot during the build up to the fight was GGG’s age, at 35 there is every chance 2018 could be the year we see him bow out, will he want to leave this question mark on his record? Or will he come back to try and set the score straight and leave no questions unanswered? Only time will tell.

  1. Joshua Vs Parker

By now its clear to everyone that Anthony Joshua wants to do one thing and one thing only in 2018, hold the IBF, WBO WBA and WBC belts, making him the undisputed Heavyweight champion. Joseph Parker saw off Hughie Fury in September to hold on to the belt he won in late 2016 and there’s no doubting the Kiwi wants to put the Oceanic boxing scene on the map. This fight has recently been confirmed to take place in March at Cardiff

  1. Joshua Vs Wilder

The first fight I remember watching was in 2002. It was huge. Billed as the boxing match of the century, even with the century only being two years old at the time. It was a Heavyweight fight between two of the greatest fighters ever to box in that weight class with the WBC, IBF and IBO belts on the line. It was between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson. Britain Vs USA. In 2018 there’s a chance for another cross atlantic Heavyweight clash to unify 3 belts. Wilder has not been shy about how he thinks the fight would go, and for as cool and composed as Joshua holds himself, there’s no doubting the Bronze Bomber’s words wrangle for the man from Watford. Joshua has never been a fan of loud fighters, one only needs to cast their mind back to the Breazeale fight for how he emraces the challenge of leaving the talking for the ring. One thing that the ‘big talk’ brings with it though is the audience. It allows boxing fans the chance to talk about Ali/Fraser, Tyson/Lewis, the biggest fighters going toe to toe after weeks of insults in the media. Factor in the ‘someone’s 0 has gotta go’ element with this one and this boxing match could go down in history as one of the biggest to ever take place in the division. Both men want it to happen. Talks are ongoing, and with it representing a chance of a Vegas or New York clash for Joshua this one could well leave all other fights paling in comparison in 2018.


So that sums up Ultimate Boxxer’s top ten most appreciated fights of 2018!

Do you agree with our list? Leave your comments below.

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Ultimate Boxxer’s Guide to Preventing Shoulder Injuries in Boxing

Shoulder injuries in the world of boxing are quite common, ranging from partial subluxations to full dislocations.

Having suffered both and then undergoing surgery to correct the problem, I know full well the time taken to recover from the injury after an operation.

Taking this into consideration, having some sort of pre-hab work dedicated to the health of your shoulder joint would prove beneficial, as once a subluxation of the joint has occurred there is a tendency for the joint to become more unstable, inevitably leading to full dislocation.

With that in mind here are my top 3 go to shoulder health exercises to throw into your training regime.

  1. Wall angels

With your head, scapulae and glutes pressed against the wall, and your feet around a foot away from the wall, bring your arms up to a 90 degree angle. Keeping the arms touching the wall, slide your arms upwards and try to keep the arms touching the wall.

You will probably find that as your arms travel upwards, they come away from the wall. You may also find that one arm comes away from the wall more than the other which highlights an imbalance between your shoulders. Try not to force your arms up as you will feel a pinching in your trapezius muscle, instead take your time and execute the exercise as far as possible without any pain. Work towards being able to go all the way up with your arms touching the wall.



  1. Face pulls

Attach a rope to a cable station just above head height. Adopt a neutral spine and set your shoulder blades so they are in the correct position. Pull the rope towards your face and pinch your shoulder blades together. Try 3 sets of 10 repetitions with a moderate weight.



  1. Shoulder dislocations

Using a plastic pole or elastic thera-band, start with a wide grip holding the bar in front of you. Take the bar above the head and over the back. If you are using a pole you will have to let it rotate in your hands.



Matt Nuttall BSc Hons, CSCS

Ultimate Boxxer’s Guide to Strength and Conditioning for Boxing

Boxers have always been, in my opinion, pretty strong and quite well conditioned. So why would a boxer decide to work with a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

One reason is that the S&C coach is up to date with the latest advancements in sports medicine and sports science. The benefit of this to the boxer could mean the difference between making a particular weight class, punching with more force and power, being more agile, and remaining as injury free as possible.

My own thoughts on the whole strength and conditioning work for boxers is this….If you have two athletes, identical in nature, same height, same weight, same age, same skill set, the stronger of the two athletes will win.

A lot more is now understood about the energy pathways involved in the sport of boxing both at amateur and professional levels, and it is down to the S&C coach to figure out what works best for the particular athlete.

Strength and conditioning work for boxing has been around a long time, and boxers have been successful regardless of their work outside of the boxing gym, the only thing that has changed in recent times is a deeper understanding of what is required for success. There are so many factors to consider so why not let an expert take care of that side of things for you so you can concentrate on developing your ring craft.

Matt Nuttall Bsc Hons, CSCS. Visit Matt’s personal website: https://www.mattnuttallstrengthandconditioning.com/

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Ultimate Boxxer’s Guide to Developing Explosive Punching Power

Punch power is a key attribute every boxer must have to produce the devastating knock out punches the sport is famous for. The land mine press is a great tool for working the muscles of the core, developing explosive punching power and even working the legs.

One problem however when using the landmine press for developing punching power is that in order to capitalise on the explosive power aspect of the exercise, you actually have to let go of the bar, not easy when you have a fair bit of weight on it and you need to catch it on the way down.

The reason using the landmine for developing power won’t actually develop power if not done correctly is that if you don’t let go of the bar, you are actually DECELERATING towards the end of the movement, mainly because your brain doesn’t want to let you rip your own arm off.

Now you see the problem, if I’m throwing a punch at somebody with the intent to deliver power but towards the end of the movement my brain is pre programmed to slow the punch down, I’m going to deliver less power.
The solution to the problem would be to have somebody standing in front of the landmine who will catch the bar and place it back in your hands for the next rep.

I always like to use explosive exercises like the landmine right after some heavy strength work, so for instance, performing a heavy bench press around 85-90 percent of your 1RM (the amount of weight you can muster for 1 rep with good form) for 3-4 reps then straight onto the landmine for the same using a weight you can manage for the same amount of reps. Think about the weight your catching partner can manage without too much of a struggle as well, otherwise the exercise won’t work.

Performing a power exercise after a heavy strength set is done with the aim of taking advantage of a phenomenon known as PAP (Post Activation Potentiation), which in non scientific terms basically means your nervous system is turbo charged and fired up ready for the explosive set.

Try to implement this exercise into your strength and conditioning program. If you don’t have the actual attachments for the barbell you could always place the bar in the corner of a squat rack or in the middle of a weight plate.
Be sure to rotate your hip through in the movement as shown in the video, the same way you would when throwing a backhand punch so your spine doesn’t come under too much stress.

Matt Nuttall Bsc Hons, CSCS. Visit Matt’s personal website: https://www.mattnuttallstrengthandconditioning.com/

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